Strategic Group Datadashboard

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This online interactive strategic tool provides you with the key performance data across education phases, or for numerous schools and academies.

With secure online access it is ieasy to use and enables you to view data at various levels including:

  • whole group
  • key stage
  • individual centre

It uses national datasets and performance indicators, the ones that Ofsted will ask about. You can view your data alongside national benchmarks to see how well you’re doing, in one year or over time, or see the progress between key stages and the contextual data.Clearly identifying centres causing concern. It provides objective data evidence, so your interventions can be proactive and timely.

The Strategic Group Datadashboard is:

  • bespoke to you.
  • With local data and national benchmarks to inform your improvement strategies.
  • And when Ofsted calls, you have the performance data you need.

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