Special School Datadashboard

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Performance data for students at Special Schools often only tells part of the story. Developed in partnership with The Bridge London, our Special School Datadashboard enables you to see the full story. Accessed through a secure web portal. It provides data analysis at various levels including:

  • whole school,
  • key stage,
  • year group
  • and individual student.

Focusing on the key areas of :

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
  • Performance
  • Targets

the Datadashboard builds up the story behind a student’s attainment. Through numerous filters, you are able to drill down and analyse the data for a specific group, for one year or over several. Then, at a press of a button generate a report, to share your analysis.

The datadashboard is updated annually with your data, enabling you to be ready for the start of the academic year.It frees up your organisation’s time, to interpret the data and develop strategies to improve the educational outcomes of your young people.And when Ofsted calls, you’ll have the data to tell the story behind a student’s attainment.

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