Multi - Academy Trust Datadashboard

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The Learning Plus UK Multi-Academy Trust Datadashboard enables senior leaders, to monitor and review performance, and ensure each Academy has the data at hand, when Ofsted calls.

Easy to access through a secure web portal. Your Datadashboard can be cross phase or specific to one, for example Post-16.It combines on-going monitoring and final outcome analysis to inform long term improvement strategies. With key DfE performance measures and benchmarks from national datasets, you have the performance information you need for Ofsted. Analysis of a specific group’s performance is easily shown through the use of a variety of filters. You can easily Identify causes for concern, so you can implement intervention strategies to get back on track.

The Multi-Academy Trust Datadashboard is:

  • bespoke to you.
  • ongoing assessment and final results data, with national benchmarks, inform your interventions and improvement strategies.
  • and when Ofsted calls, you have the performance data you need.

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